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Chuan Lu Garden

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                                      (Served with white rice)
CSF1 水煮鱼片 Fish Filets with Hot Chili Sauce                                        12.95
CSF2 酸菜鱼片 Fish Filets with Pickled Chinese Cabbage                      12.95
CSF3 剁椒鱼片 Fish Filets & Tofu with Chopped Chili                             14.95
CSF4 茄汁鱼片 Fish Filets with Sweet & Sour Sauce                               12.95
CSF5 豆豉鱼片 Fish Filets with Black Bean Sauce                                   12.95
CSF6 乌江豆花鱼 Fish Filets with Tofu in Spicy Broth                             12.95
CSF7 风暴辣子鱼 La Zi Fish ( Fried Fish Filets with Chili )                       13.95
CSF8 沸腾鱼香 Fish Filets with Bean Sprouts in Special Sauce             15.95
CSF9 酸菜全鱼 Whole Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili                   15.00/1b
CSF10水煮全鱼 Whole Fish with Hot Chili Sauce                                     14.00/1b
CSF11 豆瓣全鱼 Whole Fish with Broad Bean Paste                               12.00/1b
CSF12 泡椒全鱼 Whole Fish with Pickled Pepper                                    12.00/1b
CSF13豆腐全鱼 Whole Fish with Tofu in Special Sauce                          12.00/1b
CSF14葱烤全鱼 Baked Whole Fish with Scallion                                      12.00/1b
CSF15清蒸全鱼 Steamed Whole Fish with Seasoned Soy Sauce           12.00/1b
CSF16湘味辣蒸全鱼 Steamed Whole Fish with Special Chili Sauce       12.00/1b
CSF17 清蒸鲈鱼 Steamed Weever                                                               20.00/1b
CSF18泡椒鱿鱼 Squid with Pickled Pepper                                                12.95
CSF19椒盐鱿鱼 Salt and Peppery Calamari                                               12.95
CSF20 椒盐虾 Salt and Peppery Shrimp                                                     13.95
CSF21核桃虾 Shrimp with Walnuts                                                             13.95
CSF22辣子虾 La Zi Shrimp ( Fried Shrimp with Chili )                              14.95
CSF23清炒虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Vegetables                                    13.95
CSF24水煮大虾 Jumbo Shrimp Hot Chili Sauce                                        14.95
CSF25川味炒大虾 Jumbo Shrimp with Szechuan Chili Sauce                 14.95
CSF26 盐水虾 Salted Shrimp                                                                        20.00/1b
CSF27 沸腾大虾 Jumbo Shrimp with Bean Sprouts in Special Sauce    16.95
CSF28葱姜炒蟹 Stir-fried Crab with Ginger & Scallion 14.95
CSF29香辣蟹 Spicy Crab 14.95-
CSF30 清蒸蟹 Steamed Crab M.P(each) M.P(order)
CSF31 姜葱龙虾 Stir-fried Lobster with Ginger & Scallion 23.00/1b
CSF32 香辣龙虾 Spicy Lobster 23.00/1b
CSF33辣炒蛤蜊 Sauteed Clam with Spicy Sauce 10.95
CSF34三鲜锅巴 Rice Crust with Assorted Seafood 15.95
CSF35 海鲜麻辣烫 Hot Spicy Dip With Seafood 15.95
CSF36 腰果虾 Shrimp with Cashews 13.50
CSF37 蔬菜虾 Shrimp with Vegetable 13.50
CSF38 豆豉虾 Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce 13.50
CSF39咖喱虾 Curry Shrimp 13.50
CSF40 湖南鲜贝 Hunan Style Scallop 16.95
CSF41 蔬菜鲜贝 Scallop with Vegetable 16.95